3rd meeting of the THORPEX Data Assimilation and Observing Systems working group

8-9 July 2010
Université du Québec à Montréal
Montréal (Québec), Canada

Salle des boiseries UQAM

Organisation of the meeting:

Working arrangements

Reports and actions

Outcome of ICSC8 (THORPEX document)

Outcome of CAS-XV (J. Caughey)

Report on CAS-XV (THORPEX document)

Adaptive observations

DAOS 2008 statement on data targeting

Observability of precursors (P. Gauthier)

Intercomparaison Experiment (R. Gelaro)

Targeted thinning (C. Cardinali)

Results from the Winter Storm Reconnaissance Program (WSRP)

Overview of the WSRP (Y. Song)

THORPEX Pacific-Asia Regional Campaign (T-PARC)

Observation impact in winter T-PARC and TCS-08 (R. Langland)

Impact of satellite data QUIKSCAT and AMVs (C. Velden and S. Majumdar)

Impact of increased satellite data density (C. Cardinali)

T-PARC: Impact of dropsonde and aircraft data (S. Majumdar)

Brief updates on other campaigns and activities

AMMA (F. Rabier)

Impact of AMVs during AMMA (C. Cardinali)

HyMex (A. Doerenbecher)

HyMex Document (WMO THORPEX document)


T-NAWDEX Document (WMO THORPEX document)

THORPEX Polar project (WMO THORPEX document)

ConcordIASI (F. Rabier)

The Canadian PCW Arctic mission (L. Garand)

Year of Tropical Convection (YOTC) (WMO THORPEX document)

Sub-seasonal and seasonal prediction (WMO THORPEX document)

Hurricane mesoscale satellite data assimilation (S. Majumdar and C. Velden)

WWRP FDP/RDP for SOCHI 2014 Olympics (M. Tsyrulnikov)

Data targeting: conclusion

Perspectives on targeting (S. Majumdar)

General observational developments (R. Saunders and C. Velden)

Use of IR sounder data in cloudy regions (F. Rabier)

In-situ and ground based instruments (B. Calpini)

Radar data (T. Keenan)

Advances in data assimilation

Summary from the WMO symposium on data assimilation (A. Lorenc and P. Steinle)

Assimilation of clouds and precipitation satellite data

List of participants

Members of the DAOS-WG

Pierre Gauthier, co-chair
UQAM, Canada

Roger Saunders, co-chair
Met Office, UK

Carla Cardinali

Bertrand Calpini
MeteoSwiss, Switzerland

Ron Gelaro,

Tom Hamill

Tom Keenan
CAWCR, Australia

Rolf Langland
NRL, USA (not attending)

Andrew Lorenc
MetOffice, UK

Florence Rabier
Météo-France, France

Peter Steinle
CAWCR, Australia

Michael Tsyrulnikov
HydroMet Centre, Russia

Chris Velden
Univ Wisconsin-CIMSS,USA

Invited participants

Alex Doerenbecher

Louis Garand
Environnement Canada

Stéphane Laroche, Environment Canada

Dr. Juanjuan Liu
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sharan Majumdar
University of Miami
Miami, USA

Yucheng Song

Prof. Bin Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences



WMO and THORPEX representatives:
Jim Caughey, THORPEX IPO


Josep Aparicio
Environment Canada
Godelieve Deblonde
Environment Canada
Martin Deshaies-Jacques
Sylvain Heilliette
Environment Canada
Cristina Lupu
Robert Tardif
Environment Canada

Local organizing committee

Pierre Gauthier, Delphine Person, Mélissa Cholette, Université du Québec à Montréal

This meeting has been funded by the WWRP THORPEX programme and by the Université du Québec à Montréal


Group photo of the participants

DAOS 2010 Group photo